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This is a selection of some of the bars and clubs we often visit. It is not the itinerary. We do the Pub Crawl on 365 nights of the year and we can’t go to the same places every time – it all depends on the night, events that are on, the size of your group, the time of the year, etc. Please understand that we never know very long in advance where exactly we will go and in which order.


This is where we FINISH EVERY CRAWL: Karlovy Lazne is central Europe’s biggest Music club right by Charles Bridge in the heart of the Old Town. Dance your heart out until the early hours of the morning on one of its five floors – with different music, dance floors and bars. It’s located in a former 15th century spa and the juxtaposition of its hyper modern light and interior design and ancient halls it is in is absolutely breathtaking – as are the views. Karlovy Lazne makes for a party otherwise only seen in the movies.

  • WITH THE PUB CRAWL you get VIP Entry meaning you don’t have to wait in the lines outside and you don’t have to pay the 250-300 CZK / EUR 10-12 entry fee.


This place has a large loyal following of locals for its excellent electronics DJS and swaying crowds on the dancefloor. It’s also well known as one of the city’s busiest after hour spots – it’s open until 16:00 every day (yes, that’s 4PM afternoon).


This spot might just look like a bar from the outside. Really though its staircase leads deep into the old city’s underground and with 3 floors, 4 stages and 4 bars it’s one of Prague biggest and most labyrinthine clubs. The electro dance floor (one floor down) is where we often (but not always) host our hour of free drinks. One further down is the ‘underground’ floor where some of Prague’s most cutting-edge bands and DJs regularly take the stage.


Batalion literally never closes – it’s not only open 24/7 every day, it’s unbeliveable history goes back to 1880. It’s right off Prague’s main avenue where the police brutally beat up students at what ended up being the beginning of the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Since it’s been redone 2009/2010 it doubles as a comic’s museum dedicated to the iconic work of beloved local artist Kaja Saudek .

5 - Double Trouble

Double Trouble, located in an ancient brick vault basement in a narrow alley close to the Astronomical Clock, is one of the wildest venues in the city- the dancefloor regularly incorporates, the chairs, table-tops and the bar.